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4 Step for Business Sign Up
Step 1 : Prepare Your Company Supporting Document

1.Form 9 or Seksyen 17,28

2.Form 13 (optional: If your company change name before)

3.IC copy of Signatory  (ic copy whose are signing the application form ; not necessary must be director signing,any person in charge also can sign on behalf)

4.Company Stamp (jpeg format)

Step 2 : Start Submit your Application by filling detail on below..
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
*If you unable to upload all relevant documents through this system,
please kindly email your documents to : or WhatsApp to: 6019-664 2188.


By clicking the Agree & Submit Button below, I have agree that,

1. I have declared all the information given is correct.

2. I have attached clear IC/Passport.

3.Terms and conditions apply.

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